Costa Rica Holiday Rentals

Costa Rica Holiday Rentals


We understand that numerous people have an interest in offering their particular (domestic) properties to the flourishing Costa Rica accommodations market in Costa Rica. We are pleased to carry out their particular properties with our leasing solution Costa Rica accommodations 

We shall offer it on the web or through travel agents, tour providers, marketing ads and leaflets. We are going to take care of local rental guests completely from preliminary query to checkout. We Provide concierge-type service while they are here and help all of them to take pleasure from their particular Costa Rica Vacation

This includes organizing airport pickups and floor transportation throughout Costa Rica, lost baggage assistance, a personal greeting and introduction during the condominium, information package (chart, visitor guide, phone book, restaurants guide, welcome letter, shopping guide), housemaid solution, trip reservations, and 24/7 disaster contact. We will establish holiday rental prices based on season, few occupants and size of the home. We’ll offer illustrated pages of this property on the web to entice vacationers. We additionally allocate “cold call” renters on a rotation foundation.


We’ve developed a particular system using the INS, the part associated with the Costa Rican government that presently provides all insurance services inside the country. We possess the capacity to offer our clients expanded protection at prices that can easily be whenever 15percent lower than those readily available to others, because of the quality and quantity of the properties under our administration. This system is only available to our administration consumers.


We produced a special commitment with Deloitte, the worldwide accounting company, to supply our consumers with automated support in planning of Costa Rican tax statements and related schedules become connected to the tax statements they need to lodge in their house nations. Because Deloitte happens to be built-into our regular accounting methods, these records is processed monthly before end of this Costa Rican income tax 12 months (September 30th) while the schedule year-end employed by various other countries


To simplify reporting and increase convenience for our customers, Summerland has created an internet site with username and passwords that can be accessed 24/7 on a protected basis. Information regarding costs and income for home management, vacation rentals, interior furnishings, and relationship management are evaluated by customers from any point-on the planet with websites.

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Summerland complies with all Costa Rican work legislation and methods. These types of principles had been designed to create an environment of value for all employees in Costa Rica and so are built to protect employee and employer.


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